Checklist for tenants

In order to utilize our services in the best possible manner, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Kindly select an area according to:
    • Your desired price range
    • Nearby locations and landmarks (e.g. nearest schools, hospitals, metro station etc)
  2. Select your desired features and facilities
  3. Identify the size of the desired property
  4. Make sure to review the following:
    • Terms of payment
    • Number of cheques
    • Agency fees
    • Relocation expenses, and
    • Payments for Gas, DEWA, EJARI, internet etc.
  5. View your selected property and ensure:
    • Features and facilities are up to the mark (e.g. electricity, gas, plumbing, paint etc)
    • Also note any defects, that need to be repaired according to the tenancy agreement
  6. Review and proof read the tenancy contract, make sure that following terms in accordance with your discussion with the agent:
    • Names of the parties involved (landlord and tenant)
    • Terms of payment
    • Duration of contract
    • Agency fees
    • Security deposit
    • Terms and conditions by landlord (if any)
    • Terms and conditions by RERA
  7. Please ensure that you are in possession of the following documents:
    • Emirates ID
    • Passport copy
    • Residence visa – with commercial trade license
  8. Please show your agreement on handover procedure
  9. Register with EJARI